Thor The Mighty Avenger Video Slot

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Thor the Mighty Avenger is a Playtech powered video slot that takes you on an epic adventure from the minute it begins with the introductory clip introducing the characters that will help Thor on his mission to battle evil while he is in exile on earth.

All of the characters come straight from the Thor Blockbuster Motion Picture and you'll find Thor's father Odin, his mischievous brother Loki, the Gatekeeper of Asgard and Master of the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall, as well as the sexy siren Sif and her trio of warrior friends.

Thor's quest unfolds across this 5 reel, 30 payline video slot in tremendous fashion and is packed with features and rewards. The Thunderstorm Re-spin is one such feature, this is awarded when Thor appears stacked on reel 2 and you're rewarded with a single re-spin while reel 2 is held and acts as a complete wild. If Thor appears stacked on reel 4 you'll receive a Lighting Free spin wherein 2 to 5 extra wild symbols will appear randomly on the reels to give you even greater rewards.

Thor Video Slot

The game also features three game play modes. The Asgard mode is the default with two additional modes being revealed when you encounter Heimdall stacked on reel 3 and the Rainbow Bridge feature is triggered. Herein you will be required to select an orb from those presented to you and this will activate either the Earth or Jotunheim free spins (if you recall from the movie, Jotunheim is the home of the might and malevolent Frost Giants).

The Earth Free spins are featured on special reels with Thor making an appearance on each but also appearing as stacked on reel 3 from time to time. Watch out for Thor's enemy Surtur who is added to reel 5, randomly blowing fire on 2 to 6 symbols across the reels making them act as multipliers of up to 16x! This feature is active until Heimdall appears stacked on the 3rd reel and then it's back to the rainbow bridge where you can access the Jotunheim feature or return to the main game.

Thor Video Slot

If you select the Jotunheim free spins you'll be transported to the special reels once again. Thor is everywhere and can appear on any of the reels as well as in stacked form on reel 3. In this feature Laufey, king of the Frost Giants and Thor's nemesis appears on the reels, freezing winning combinations for a single spin.

Heimdall being the Gatekeeper and Master of the bridge appears stacked on reel 3 to terminate the game and you'll once again find yourself back at the Rainbow Bridge with a decision to make - return to the main game or visit the other feature.

As if the game doesn't already feature enough action from start to finish, Thor the Mighty Avenger is also part of the four-tier Marvel Mystery Jackpot which means that you can win huge sums of cash if you're lucky enough to hit it!

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