Types of online Slots

The advent of online casinos has brought players a myriad of slot machines to choose from. Due to the highly competitive nature of the industry, casino are developing and releasing new slots games on a monthly basis which seem to evolve into more and more exciting games as time goes by. The most recent of which are 3D slots.

Let's take a look at the types of slots currently available online:

Slots Cherries

Single Line/ 3 Reel Slots

Single line or 3 reel slots as they are otherwise know were one of the first types of slots ever created and are therefore the most basic type of slot available online. In land based versions, these machines were the original "One Arm Bandits" of the casino where you had to pull a lever or "arm" to spin the reels.

These slots are made up of 3 reels or lines which feature typical bar and fruit symbols. Standard games offer players a choice of playing up to three coins and depending on the game you choose to play can occasionally feature a progressive jackpot.

Multi-line Slots

As the name implies, multi-line slots have multiple lines which provide more than one pay-line, which of course means that you can bet on one or more lines.

These slots offer a slightly more sophisticated game than the single line versions and when playing online you'll often find machines with paylines in excess of 9 reels, which give the game a total of 45 or more paylines which, if you are lucky, can set you up for some pretty extravagant wins.

In addition, multi-line slots are characterised by themes and features like scatter and wild symbols, free spin and bonus rounds and occasionally even progressive jackpots. Obviously these slots are more popular than the classic single line versions as they are way more entertaining and provide more chances to win.

Slots Sevens

Bonus Slots and Bonus Video Slots

Bonus Slots are currently the most popular slots available online, largely due to the fact that they provide variety and excitement for the player.

These machines feature bonus rounds within the slot game that are triggered by combinations of scatter and wild symbols. The bonus rounds have many different themes eg. Pick X of Y, however they all award extra credits or free spins, depending on the game you choose to play.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots come in many shapes and forms including single, multi-line and video slot formats. The difference here though is that these machines operate across a network of casinos which means that players playing at a variety of casinos play the same game and add a percentage of their bets to the jackpot prize pot every time they play, hence the ever-increasing numbers displayed on jackpot tickers!

Once someone hits the winning combination and the jackpot, the machines reset and the prize pool starts again, usually from a pre-determined amount. These machines usually offer the largest prize amounts of any other on the casino floor, but remember, this is because they do take a percentage of every bet across thousands of players at casinos on the network, so they do get expensive to play rather quickly, especially because you have to bet the maximum to hit the jackpots.

Fruit Slots

Fruit Machines / Pub Slots

Native to the UK, Fruit Machines or "Pub Fruities" are so termed due to the appearance of fruit symbols on the game's reels and are usually available at bars or pubs across the country. These games usually include the nudge feature which allows the player to pick one reel and "nudge" or spin it to see if it will award a payout.

Online versions of this game are quite prolific, although they usually feature bonus rounds in addition to the traditional game, making them even more fun to play online.