Slots Myths

Slots Myths

Even though they are the most popular and plentiful games in casinos, slots are often misunderstood and there are a number of common myths surrounding them.

Here we discuss a few of the most common misconceptions and myths surround slot machines and why they simply aren't true.

Myth 1: All Combinations are weighted equally

Many people believe that slot machines are programmed with equally weighted combinations of symbols; however the opposite is true - there are considerably more small wins and losing combinations than big and jackpot winning ones.

In order to illustrate this concept by way of a basic example, let's presume that the best possible combination (i.e. the jackpot win) is represented by a in the following sequence and everything that follows on from that depicts lesser wins moving into no wins or losses as the sequence proceeds:

A,B,B,C,C,C,D,D,D,D,E,E,E,E,E,F,F,F,F,F,F,F,F,G,G,G,G,G etc.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) randomly generates the results when you press or click the "spin" button. This means that in the sequence it can select from, the jackpot only appears once and the winnings get smaller the more they appear as do the non-wins and losses.

Myth 2: Near Misses are a sign that the slot is going to payout soon

Any slots player with a little experience will know this scenario: you are playing a game and winning symbols tease you by appearing together but that elusive one just keeps avoiding the payout line, narrowly missing the big win you are waiting for! But it's close, you can feel it!

OR can you? If you understand the technical nature of slot machines you would know that so called "near misses" mean absolutely nothing. This is due to the RNG which ensures that each spin is not related to the last. So don't get caught up in the "it's about to hit so I need to keep on playing" - this is just the type of slots psychology that the casinos are counting on!

Myth 3: Slots are the worst bet in the casino

Yes, slot machines do have lower payout percentages than some of the other casino games, but many of the higher paying games require a great deal of skill to ascertain higher payouts and if you're not a seasoned player the odds on certain bets can even be worse than on slots which are based on luck rather than skill!

Myth 4: If a Jackpot is hit the slot won't pay out again for a long time

This is categorically untrue, as we mentioned above, each spin is totally separate from the last and the result of one does not determine the next or any other future results on a slot machine. In fact there are many progressive online slots jackpots that have paid out more than once in a month.

Myth 5: If a machine is not paying out it will hit soon

False. As we said before the RNG controls the results and is not an intelligent life form that can adjust them to whether someone is winning or not or keep a record of all results and adjust accordingly. Each spin and the results thereof are completely independent.

Myth 6: Casinos can "Loosen" or "tighten" slots to determine payouts

False. Again the Random Number Generator (RNG) is in play and casinos are governed by regulatory bodies. In the instance of online casinos, reputable properties like Royal Vegas Casino are actually audited by online casino governing bodies and often private auditors to ensure fair payout percentages.

Myth 7: Slots Systems can help you to win

There is no magical slots system that will help you to "crack" the slot machine code and reward you with huge jackpots,'ll just have to leave it down to good, old-fashioned luck.

These are just a few of the many slots myths that exist, so please, always research all information you receive before just believing it and don't ever pay for "slots systems" that promise huge wins, these are scams.