How Online Slots Tournaments Work

Online Slots Tournaments

Slots are one of the most marketable and marketed games in an online casino for several different reasons. One popular reason is because the Payout Ratio is high and, as well, there are several different types to choose from. To add to the excitement of Slots, most online casinos run Slots Tournaments. In addition to being fast-paced, Slots Tournaments are also a great revenue generator. Slots tourneys are usually presented in the form of Scheduled Tournaments or Sit'n'Go Tournaments.

Scheduled tournaments can either have a buy-in where a specific fee is paid to register for the tournament or they can be free (as in Poker or Blackjack freerolls) where a fee is not required to enter. In the latter instance, in order to play in freeroll tournaments, Players must register early in order to secure their seat in the freeroll tournament. Real money is often the prize offered for these freerolls, so their popularity is enormous - no entry fee, however possibility of winning cash.

The buy-in tournaments work a bit differently. A certain number of seats are set aside for the tournament. Each seat is worth a dollar value. The buy-in fee is deducted from each participant's account and pooled together. A prize pool is determined based on the accumulated buy-in fees. Each participant is given a certain amount of time on the Slot machine and a specific amount of credits with which to play. The goal is to accumulate as many credits as possible playing on the machine in the given timeframe. When the time has expired, the participant can check his ranking on the Leaderboard to see how he measures up against the other participants.

The Sit'n'Go tournament is the same concept as the scheduled tournament where you are given a certain amount of time to play a certain amount of credits which you hope to increase during your playing time. However, instead of starting at a scheduled time, the tournament will only begin once all participant seats are filled. So, once all the Players sit down for the tournament, they're ready to go; hence the name Sit'n'Go borrowed from the term in online Poker.

If a Player hits a jackpot while playing in a Tournament, the jackpot is null and void. Some Players find this slightly unfair but if you really think about the circumstances, it really isn't. In a Slots Tournament, a Player may or may not buy in; either way he receives free credits with which to play. And, even if he does buy-in and he loses, he's still only losing his entry fee. If he wins, then he's winning a percentage of the prize pool. If he were to hit a jackpot while playing, then all that money is real cash which isn't counted in a Slots Tournament.

And that's online Slots tournaments in a nutshell folks. There is an entry fee. The entry fees are accumulated to create a prize pool. Players have a certain timeframe and are given a specific amount of credits to play in the tournament. At the end of the session, the winners are determined based on the number of credits they were able to accumulate during their alloted time and are paid a percentage of the prize pool.

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