Free Spins Promotions

Free Spins Promotions

The online casino industry is one of the most competitive in the world and online casinos need to keep coming up with new promotions and offers to attract players. One of the more recent strategies has been to introduce "Free Spins" promotions whereby players are given what is essentially advertised as "free play" at the casino.

There are generally a few basic free spins promotions on offer, Timed Play Free Spins, Free Slots Spins and Incremental Free Spins, and this is how they work:

Timed Play Free Spins

In this type of promotion you are required to register an account at the casino and you are then awarded a predetermined number of credits and a time period to spend them in (this can be anything from 15 minutes to one hour). You then play the designated game mentioned in the Free Spins Promotion details and when your time is up, anything in excess of the initial balance you were awarded is yours to keep. Seems simple? It is but there are a few things to keep in mind

The free spins period allows you to test strategies for a specific slot machine, learn how it works and get comfortable with it, but obviously there is a motive behind this and that is to get you to keep playing after the promotion ends. Also, ensure that you read the terms and conditions associated with these types of promotions as you are usually required to transfer any winnings into a player account at the casino in order to access them (you can't always just cash them out).

Free slot spins

In these types of promotions, an online casino will offer players a designated number of free spins on either one or a limited selection of their slot machines; for example, Roxy Palace's new bonus offer includes 120 free spins on the Great Galaxy Grab Slot machine. This type of promotion is usually on offer once you have made your first deposit. Occasionally free slots spins are given on a separate "Free" account and any winnings will need to be transferred back to your real money casino account before you can access them.

Incremental Play Free Spins

Incremental Play free spins are a different kind of promotion to the above-mentioned two. Rather than a timed period or designated number of spins, these offer combinations that will award you with additional spins on the slot machine. Generally these types of promotions are fun on 5 reel online slots and patterns need to line up on first and fifth reels or three of the required symbol in any position on the reels. The symbols that trigger the free plays vary from one slot to another.

Generally, these types of promotions are not all that common, but if you do find them, it's nice to know that winnings are carried over from one play to another and some will offer you double or nothing to keep you playing.

So next time you are offered a Free Spins Promotion, by all means enjoy it, but also remember that there is nothing that offers "no strings attached" and you need to read all associated terms & conditions carefully before accepting these.