3D Online Slots

The game of slots has a long and rich history but at the inception of internet gaming, online slots featured only 2 dimensional graphics which meant that even though they were still novel in that they could be played online, the game play experience was somewhat limited from a visual perspective. These days however, online casinos proudly featured what are termed 3D slots.

While 3D slots are a bit of a misnomer, they are not the kind that require you to grab a pair of 3D glasses like you would at your favourite 3D movie where things magically pop off the screen and head in your direction (although we're sure to see that someday soon). Instead, 3D slots have richer, more lifelike graphics animations with more depth than those used in standard video slots. These slots also generally feature interactive bonus features and screens that allow you to have input into your own gaming experience.

Here we discuss a few more things that you can expect when playing 3D slots.

1. Video Intros

In the past when selecting a slot machine from the casino lobby you would find that it opened straight on the reels, but thanks to the advent of 3D graphics, software providers are capable of manufacturing much more exciting games these days. As such many of the new generation slots feature video intros ‐ when a movie title is licensed by software giants for slots purposes, you'll almost always be treated to a video intro featuring clips from the movie.

A recent example of this is the Jurassic Park slot release where you'll find yourself immersed in footage from the film as the gates to Jurassic Park swing open before you before the slot leaps into action. Not only does this add to the entertainment factor of the game, but it also gives players an idea of what to expect in the actual slot. While not all 3D slots feature video intros, the ones that do are an added treat.

2. Storylines

A great advent in slots since 3D animation has been the emergence of storyline slots. These unique games follow the story of a certain character or group of characters which unfolds across the reels as you play. Whenever you hit a winning combination or specific set of symbols more of the story is unlocked so these games never get boring. Many slots like those in the Frozen Dawn series even have additional back stories for each character with dedicated websites for you to enjoy.

3. Better than ever Bonus Features

Again, thanks to 3D graphics, these slots offer bonus features that are better than ever before due to the fact that they are visually spectacular and engaging. Many of these bonus rounds require a certain degree of skill which adds a new element to these games.

4. Animated Winning Combinations

If you're lucky enough to win while playing these slots, you'll be rewarded with more than just money as you enjoy the entertaining animations that accompany the wins. Each game offers its own unique animations and symbols which are specifically tailored to the slots own theme so no two games are alike.

5. Options abound

If you appreciate being able to tailor a slot according to your preferences in terms of bet size and paylines then you'll love 3D slots. These games give players a great deal of flexibility in terms of options but bear in mind that you should always check the paytables before making adjustments to ascertain whether or not you need to bet the max or play all paylines in order to qualify for the jackpot prize.

As you can see there is a lot to love about 3D animation slots and while they're not yet comparable to 3D movie technology, they still bring you the best of what online gaming has to offer.