What Type of Slots Player Are You?

When it comes to casinos, slots players are not really much different to other types of investors. Wherever money and risk is involved, people tend to fall into a few broad categories based on their tolerance for risk.

Many financial planners have a questionnaire that will help you to determine what your risk tolerance profile is and there are generally two main factors that form its theme:

  • How much risk you can handle
  • How much time you have

Generally if you prove to be adverse to risk it is recommended that you stick to "safe investment options" such as bonds but if you are more inclined to enjoy a certain degree of calculated risk then you may consider playing the stock market.

As with most things in life there is always a risk to reward ratio which means that certain investments may bring you a higher return but there is also the chance of losing money. More stable investment options have smaller returns but the risk of losing money is also significantly less. So it's all about your comfort zone.

As a slots player, these same principles apply and you will fit into one of three broad categories based on your tolerance for risk. You may feel like you fall into a cross section of two of these groups, which is normal but generally you will identify with one more strongly.

The categories are as follows:

The Aggressive Player

If you're not afraid of going broke by spending your entire casino bankroll because you stand the chance to walk away with a large jackpot then you may be considered an aggressive slots player. Aggressive players enjoy the thrill of the chase more than anything and don't mind putting it all on the line for their chance to win, even if it means that they go home broke.

The Average Player

If you play at an online casino with the hope of walking away with more money than you start out with and don't mind risking some money but also don't want to ever end up spending your entire bankroll then you are probably an average player. Average players are happy to win a medium sized jackpot that covers their casino playing time and possibly a little extra. For these types of players it's all about the entertainment and the chance to win a little cash while having fun.

The Conservative Player

If you enjoy casinos but don't really like to spend a great deal of money for your entertainment and are just happy playing a game or two and to break even because you feel like you have enjoyed yourself you are probably a conservative player. Conservative players like to get as much game play time for their money as possible and don't like risking much at all. They would rather not play than play and stand the chance of losing a lot of money.

Once you have determined what type of slots player you are you can determine the type and denomination of slots that you should be playing.

If you fall into the aggressive player category then progressive slots will probably be your game of choice. The risks are high but so are the rewards and jackpots can be life changing. If you're not into progressive machines but are comfortable playing higher denomination slots. These still offer some pretty decent rewards and the thrill of being a high roller, often with better odds.

If you're an average player you will probably be most comfortable playing quarter slots and you should look for slot machines with a high hit frequency as these payout out small wins on a regular basis which helps you to stretch your game play.

As a conservative player you will do best on the lowest denomination machines, look for nickel machines with high hit frequencies & many of the newer video slots have this type of design. So if you select a slot with the fewest number of lines and only play a single coin per line you won't be in line for any big wins if you hit the right combinations BUT you will stretch your game play time and get the maximum enjoyment from the machine. If you would hate to miss out on the jackpot due to single coin play then you could play single coin in a straight multiplier quarter slot machine because there is no added jackpot awarded for playing with the maximum coin value so you are no penalised if you don't. Again you won't win huge amounts but you will be able to play for quite a while.

No matter what your playing style, you should always enjoy your slots play at a casino as much as you can and not try to change it by moving to machines that fall outside your comfort zone.