Speeding up your slots play: Is it really worth it?

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Bigger, better, faster, more! It's the nature of modern society to want continual improvements to the things we use and of course the games we play! With each new slots release, casino software providers seem to come up with more and more features that promise to speed up our game play, keeping us captivated and entertained more than ever before.

But have you ever stopped to think how many of these bigger, better and particularly the "faster" slots features and formats are actually adding value? This is quite a subjective topic because if you're playing for the purpose of entertainment, as you should be, then added features are huge bonus and do add to the experience. The flip side of the coin however is that any feature that speeds up your game play, so even though you may meet bonus wagering requirements alot faster, it can often do serious damage to your bankroll, and leave you feeling as though you didn't get as much entertainment value for your money as you should have.

Here we'll look at a few that do have the potential to make games more fun or less monotonous, but can be shortening your game play time and eating into your bankroll and budget, so that you can make informed decisions when making your slot machine selection.

Software Customisation Options

Online casinos offer you the option of customising your game play experience right down to the speed of the games you're playing within the software settings. Of course, when it comes to slots, players automatically feel that the faster is better and so they opt for high paced spins instead of medium to low pace options in their software back-ends. This then speeds up the game which doesn't necessarily affect the entertainment value of it, but it does mean you get more spins in within a shorter time and that definitely will impact your bankroll.

Auto Play

Auto Play is a feature that plays the game for you ‐ you can set it to play a number of spins, eg. 100 spins and simply walk away from your machine. Wins will automatically be credited to your player account. It helps you to speed up the game without doing anything, but then again, where's the entertainment in that?

Mega Spins Games Formats

This slot format is very exciting and is similar to that of multi-hand video poker games. These games enable you to spin four, six or nine single payline games at once. Of course, you have to place a wager on each payline and spins are over very quickly.

Stop Spins Features

Many casinos' offer slots with the "Stop Spin" feature which allows the player to manually stop the spinning reels at any point during the spin before they automatically come to rest on their own. While this feature does enable you to get more spins of the reels in within a certain time and therefore speeds up the game extensively which may alleviate boredom for some, it does meant that end up spending way more in a shorter period too and that you get way less enjoyment for the money you spend each time you spin.

As you can see from the above discussion, casinos offer players a number of features that enable you to speed up your slots play. The downside of this however is that the faster you play, the more you spend and the quicker your bankroll is depleted, unless of course you're lucky enough to hit a big win.