Slots Psychology

Slots Psychology

There is a common misconception that Slot machines are pre-programmed to pay out at a certain time. But the fact of the matter is that Slot machines pay out randomly and, especially in land-based casinos, you will find a mix of "tight" and "loose" machines.

The casino uses the daily reports from the machines, reviews them to see how much the machine pays out, and then places the machines strategically across the casino floors to lure you to the money making and high stakes machines.

Casino Entrances and Exits:

You will find the "tight" machines at these areas. These machines do not pay out easily but their Jackpots are often very attractive. Don't be fooled by this lure. It is a tactic used by the casino to ensure that the machines with the biggest Jackpots are seen first. Sometimes, you can find a few low paying loose machines littered around the area. This is to engage custoers to stay in this area because they will assume that all the machines in the area pay out when they hear the bells and and whistles from the loose paying machines.

Table Game Area:

Slot machines positioned close to the tables are sure-fire "tight" machines. Even if you win small amounts here and there, you will probably walk away empty-handed before the end of the night. Table games make the casinos more money on average than Slots. In an effort not to disturb the table game Players, the casinos put the tight machines in this area. Don"t waste your time with these types of slots.

Snack Bars:

You've hit the Jackpot! If you"re looking for loose machines and, quite frankly that is what you should be doing if you intend to play land-based slot machines, then head over to the snack bar immediately. The machines are positioned in this area so that Players will eat quickly and return to playing. The logic is that you will eat faster while you are watching people winning money. How true that is, is debatable. But one thing is for sure, you will find "loose" slots in this area of the casino.

Don't have time to trudge down to a local casino? Play your favourite slots game online.