Slots FAQ's

Slots FAQ's

This section is especially useful if you're a newbie to playing Slots. Here you can find answers related to online Slots and Slot machines in general. If you don't find your answer here, it may be in the Player's Security Guide section.

What is the difference between Download and No Download Slots?

Downloadable slots games are extremely popular; even more so than Instant Play games. They are downloaded to your PC, laptop, mobile device etc and offer a wider variety from which to choose. No Download slots can be played instantly from your browser without being installed on your system. The downside to Download games is that you must download them completely once the software is installed in order to have access to them thereafter. The advantage is that, once they are downloaded, you can play them at any time and don't have to worry about going through the download process again.

Are online Slots safe?

This really is dependent on where you play, because some online casinos are rogues and scammers. If you play at reputable online casinos like Platinum Play Casino and Roxy Palace Casino, you'll be playing in secure environments, where your money and personal and account data are safe and your winnings will be sent to you when you do, in fact, win.

Which slots games offer better odds - the ones at land-based casinos or those at online casinos?

Slots games at online casinos offer better odds, because their overhead and running costs are considerably lower than those of a land-based casino, so they're in a better position to vary their odds.

What type of Slots can I play online?

Nowadays, there are several different types of Slots that can be played online, unlike a decade ago when Slots lovers could only enjoy 3-reel games. Some casinos have over 300 Slots games in their suite, with many different types of slots including the Classics, Video Slots, Bonus Slots, Multi-Line Slots, Video Bonus games, Progressives, and Themed Slots.

What are symbols?

These are the images and graphics found on the reels. The first symbols, which were introduced by Charles Fey, the inventor of the first Slot machine, featured the United States Liberty Bells and playing card symbols like Hearts and Spades. Now, all sorts of symbols are found on Slot machines. The Classic slot games still feature Cherry, 7s, and coin symbols. Themed Slots, like the Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword Video Slots games, have Tiger, Map, and many other symbols that go with that particular theme.

What are reels?

The part of the slot machine that spins is called the reel. There are several different types of slot machines which have different types of reels. Classic Slots, which were the first type of Slots to be introduced, have 3 reels, but there are lots of other types around. The more reels a Slot machine has, the more possible chances there are of hitting winning combinations.

Why do the reels keep on spinning when I play Slots online?

When this happens, it usually means that there is a slow network connection or the connection between your system and the online casino has dropped out.

What are Pay Lines?

Most Classic Slots games have a single horizontal line running across the centire of the reels. You win if the right winning combo falls on this line, i.e. the Pay Line. So, in essence, this is the Pay Line is where you win your money. Multi-Line Slots have more than one pay line, which can go up to as many as 100.

What's the diffrerence between the Hold and the Payout Percentage?

The "Hold" is the percentage of coins played on a Slot machine that the casino takes for itself. The "Payout Percentage" is the remaining percentage and is what the machine pays out to players. You will sometimes find the Payout Percentages for particular games on reputable casino sites. If a Slot has a Payout Percentage of 97% and it takes in $1,000 from Players over a given period of time; when it pays out, the casino will hold 3% of the take (or $30) and the remaining $970 will be paid out in winning to a lucky Player.

Do I have to play max bet on Progressive Slots?

It is recommended that you play the max on the Progressives, but it isn't required. The reason that Slots experts advise you to play the maximum is because it is the only way that you can win its Progressive Jackpot, even if you hit the Progressive itself. So, it's up to you if you play the max on the Progressives, but we highly recommend that you do.

Are any casinos compatible with MAC?

As far as we know, the majority of online casinos only work with systems that use Windows. If you use MAC but want to play online, we recommend that you play the No Download version offered by most casinos.

If I win a big Jackpot, how will I get paid?

One of the biggest advantages of playing Slots online is that, if you win a big Jackpot such as a Progressive Jackpot, your winnings are paid to you in one single payment. This may not be the case in land-based casinos which pay you in installments over several years.

How do I deposit money?

Each online casino has a Cashier or Banking section that facilitates deposit and withdrawal transactions. The Cashier is usually found in the casino lobby. It is only functional in the Play for Real mode; meaning, you must be playing with real money in order to receive a real money withdrawal or make a deposit. Simply, click on the Cashier or Banking option and several options will appear that will allow you to credit your casino account. Select your option and enter the amount you wish to deposit and any personal information if you're asked.

Deposits are usually instantaneous these days, but you may have to wait for a few days or weeks, depending on the method available or the one you selected in order to receive your withdrawal. The more popular payment methods include: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, PayPal, Click2Pay, Clickandbuy, Cashier's Check, Paysafecard, and NETeller. Click to see a complete listing of online gambling Payment Methods.

Who do I turn to if my casino winnings aren't paid?

If you've exhausted your contacts with Customer or Billing Support regarding a pending withdrawal or winnings that you strongly feel were unfairly denied, we recommend that you first contact a gambling-approved 3rd party agency like eCOGRA, a recognized online casino regulatory body, to help resolve your dispute. We strongly advise that you have proper documentation of the issue and your attempts at contacting the relevant casino department for resolution, before you proceed to contacting eCOGRA. Once that is done, they will contact the eCOGRA-approved casino on your behalf and act as a mediator to help reach an amicable agreement.

In some cases, the casino may not respond to eCOGRA's attempts at contacting them OR the casino may not be approved by eCOGRA. In such instances, we highly recommend that you hit the online gambling forums to garner awareness that the casino has ripped you off. A good forum to go to is Casinomeister. The owner of this reputable forum has been involved in online gambling for nearly two (2) decades and the forum itself is one of the first that disgruntled Players go to when they want to praise a casino or let others know of the tough time they've had playing at a particular one.

Do I have to pay taxes if I win while playing online?

No. Online casinos do not report your winnings to your local state or federal institutions. Also, they pay out your entire winnings. It's your choice if you want to give your Government a part of your winnings from an online casino, but we don't recommend it. After all, it is your money and you won't get any returns on it, if you do. If you live in the US, gambling winnings are taxable, so you must abide by the law.