Progressive Slots - To play or not to play?

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Nearly every slots player you'll speak to will tell you that they either play or are regularly tempted to play the Progressive Slots at casinos. There is something about the ever-increasing ticking of the jackpot totals and the promise of winning the riches they hold that is simply mesmerising and completely enticing and inevitably ends in attracting the majority of slots enthusiasts.

But is it really worth playing these slots? "Of course" you answer...after all, you can win MILLIONS and even if you don't win the big jackpot you are sure to win a lot along the way! Or is this simply what you want to believe?

The reality is that jackpot contributions are so high on these games that other smaller wins, although not completely unheard of, are very rare. So unless you are bent on going for the ultimate jackpot and don't mind that your chances of any other wins are lower, rather stick to regular slots which payout far more often and will ultimately lead to greater accumulated wins over the long term than you could ever hope for on the progressives.