Meeting Casino Wagering Requirements

Casino Wagering Requirements

In an attempt to remain competitive in a fiercely competitive environment, online casinos offer players some very generous bonuses to players. The only catch with these is that wagering requirements set out by the casinos must be met. These are designed to ensure that you make a deposit at their casino and play there rather than just cashing out and walking away with their money.

Some players prefer not to accept bonuses for this reason but if you do enjoy casino bonus offers then there are few things that you can do to meet the requirements as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of the free cash.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

Before accepting a welcome or promotional bonus at an online casino you should always read the terms and conditions in order to understand the wagering requirements and how to meet them. This may sound obvious but many players skip this step and end up being disappointed and frustrated when they find that the terms and conditions do not meet with their expectations.

Traditional match deposit bonuses require you to earn the bonus before you are able to cash any winnings out and the requirements may vary in that you need to bet the equivalent value of multiples of the bonus or the bonus plus the deposit amount. For example you deposit $100 and receive a 100% match bonus of $100, ending up with $200 worth of casino credits. You must then wager 20 times the bonus plus the deposit amount, which equates to $200 x 20 for a total of $4,000 in order to cash out the reward.

Not all bonuses follow this format, some may require no deposit but you will then be subject to playthrough requirements that will need to be met before you can cashout.

Give the Reels a Spin

If your first priority is to earn your reload or welcome bonus then online slots should be your game of choice. This is due to the fact that slots count 100% towards online casino wagering requirements but also have the potential for the biggest rewards. Most of the other games which have lower house edges count significantly less and while games are weighted differently from one game to the next. Generally however, the contributions are often broken down as follows:

Slots & Keno: 100%
Craps & Caribbean Stud Poker: 35%
Video Poker & Blackjack: 10%
Baccarat & European Roulette: 0%

As mentioned this may differ from one casino to the next so always be sure to check on how the games are weighted in terms of contribution to the wagering requirements and if you're looking for the fastest way to mee the wagering requirements stick to playing slots or if you must, Keno.

Check the dates

When it comes to meeting wagering requirements casinos will often place a deadline on their offers which means that you need to be mindful of these time limits and play accordingly so that they don't expire unexpectedly and leave you feeling cheated. Time periods for offers can range from one to three months depending on the casino so make sure you review this before accepting an offer as you may get better offers elsewhere.

Finding Realistic Bonus Offers

As mentioned previously you should always review bonuses before getting overly excited and accepting huge offers at face value. Rather find bonuses with the best possible terms the lowest wagering requirements in the longest periods. Also be realistic about your budget and what requirements you will be able to meet. Don't just make a huge deposit to get a massive bonus offer as you may not realistically be able to meet the requirements. Rather start off small and play it safe until you have an idea of what you are capable of.

Always be mindful of your bankroll and ensure that you are able to play for bonuses as you can end up losing more cash than you gain if you are only chasing rewards. This is playing the game the casino wants you to because after all, it is what keeps them in business.

Put these tips into action and you will not only enjoy your time at the casinos without any nasty surprises but perhaps even come out on the winning side of many of the generous bonus offers out there.