Marvel Super Hero Scratch Cards from Playtech

Marvel Super Hero Scratch Cards

If you're a fan of Marvel themed online slots but feel like something with a difference, then Playtech's scratch card offering available at Europa Online Casino which encompasses most of the popular Marvel slots titles is definitely something to check out.

You'll find that the graphics and symbols are familiar as they are all taken from the Marvel themed slots but instead of being all alike, Playtech has designed a number of innovative and unique variations to keep you entertained every step of the way.

The most popular format requires you to match any of the symbols in a column or row on the card which is comprised of a 3x3 grid. Each symbol has its own multiplier but before playing, it is always advisable to review the rules and paytables for each scratch card game as some may cap the winnings payable, which means that you will not receive the full value of the multiplier on your more substantial wagers.

In order to start play, all you have to do is choose a card value, activate the game and scratch the blocks of your choice to reveal the hidden symbols. If your selected symbols match then you will win back your original bet multiplied by the matching multiplier. Marvel themed scratch cards with this format include Captain America, Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Wolverine. Thor, Punisher and War Zone also have this basic format but are enhanced by an additional feature wherein the cards include a special bonus symbol which triggers a bonus round. In each bonus game you will pick a bonus symbol out of 6 possible options and win a cash prize multiplied by your current wager.

Other Marvel super hero scratch cards offer variations of this format, in Blade three matching symbols may appear anywhere on the scratch card grid but you will only be able to scratch four of the nine possible cells. Also, the payout on this card is not linked to the symbols but rather determined by a separate block that will reveal the multiplier figure when scratched.

The Iron Man 2 scratch card poses and even greater challenge and you'll be required to match three reactors in a row which may run horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Elektra is played in much the same way although you are able to match any like weapon symbols across the card. In both of these games payouts are revealed randomly on the card when scratched.

Then there are cards played on larger 4x4 grids, like The Fantastic 4 wherein you need to match any four super heroes on a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line to earn rewards. If all 4 superheroes make their appearance on your card in any position, you'll be rewarded with a free card. In this game the paytable dictates the payouts.

Spiderman offers yet another format wherein when the card is activated, a specific symbol and payout is displayed in conjunction with six concealed blocks. If the designated symbol appears on any of the six blocks, you will receive a payout.

Finally, the X-men scratch card is the most novel of all of Playtech's scratch cards. It consists of two blocks and if both reveal an identical character then you will be in line for the maximum payout. If both blocks reveal super heroes or super villains respectively you will be eligible for half of the payout total but if you get a super hero and a villain then you lose and forfeit your original bet. If you're not too familiar with the various Marvel characters as yet, never fear, superheroes have blue backgrounds and the villains red for easy identification. In addition, there is a wild symbol that can substitute for any character. You are also able to wager on up to 6 games simultaneously in the same scratch card title.